International Ceramics Festival Aberystwyth

beards (800x600)

A fantastic weekend, gathering together a selection of the best in the world and a good deal more than a few grey beards.


Our little refractory concrete kiln on site drying out before the festival. Instructions for building this can soon be found on

IMG_5411 (800x560)

Loved the simplicity of this “wood fired” built by Peter Lange and Duncan Shearer. They made other kilns with potatoes and Yellow Pages phone books.

IMG_5404 (800x484) IMG_5406 (684x800)

A sale of cups, some made by the famous, others by the not so famous raises money for the next Festival in 2015.

IMG_5412 (600x800)

The kiln performed extremely well and may have gained Tom and I a trip to South Carolina, thank you Virginia Scotchie!

IMG_5413 (733x800)

One of the stranger items that emerged from the kiln.

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