Oriel Bach, the Mumbles, Swansea. 15/7/13 – 28/7/13

Opening, Wednesday 17th July

Exhibition 2 (800x600)

A random group of artists washed up at Coleg Sir Gar together. They were all good friends and liked being by the sea. So they put on an exhibition all about being washed up together. It was called Flotsam and Jetsam.

018 (800x589)

At first there was nobody there and they got very worried.

Then finally Rent-a-Crowd arrived, hurrah!

74693_494792680605172_1545284317_n (800x600)

At last there were some appreciative people looking at the artists’ work.

970808_494792900605150_1723171770_n (799x595)

1070083_494792957271811_119289289_n (672x673)

1005192_494792930605147_1045968292_n (800x600)

1014467_494792643938509_1768982635_n (640x679)  557649_494792743938499_227143580_n (800x667)

One lucky artist got 2 red dots. But he still made his lovely wife do the washing up. Thank you Sue!

013 (800x626)

009 (400x800)  012 (800x639)

003 (600x800)

Some new porcelain, more individual items.

006 (583x800)Some old friends!

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