Pink, pink, anything but pink!

I like pink in a beautiful rose, clouds or the inside of a shell but apart from these the very idea of the colour and all it represents I find abhorent!

So why, when I do larger reduction firings, taking every safety precaution I can think of, do white glazes always turn pink?

DSCF0103 (892x900)

I’m trying to love it

DSCF0108 (900x875)

It’s difficult

DSCF0118 (900x676)

A bit seasidey

DSCF0131 (900x675)

An eruption

DSCF0127 (900x835)

Only the odd trace …..

2 thoughts on “Pink, pink, anything but pink!

    • I live for the happy accident, wabi sabi rocks, it’s just that pink isn’t in my happy category!
      The pink aversion goes back to being a child and reading fairy stories (especially Disneyfied ones). I was dark haired and olive skinned and all the heroines and princesses were blond and pink.
      Never really recovered from it.

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