…………….. and now for a happy ending

This lovely lady is Eiryl George. She has supported and encouraged me since I first met her at Gofal Celf / Arts Care a charity putting artists and community groups in touch with each other.

When she came to my degree show at Coleg Sir Gar she asked me about this teapot. I told her it was the “Spare Part Surgery Pot” as it was entirely made of bits and pieces of found materials and materials which had been discarded. She immediately said “I want it, I want it, I’ve got to have it!”

_GSM9048 (800x531) When she finally calmed down I asked her why she was so animated about it. Her reply sent shivers down my spine. Eiryl had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy, the day she came to see the show was the day she had been fitted with her “Spare Parts” and said “If that pot can look so happy with spare parts then so can I!”

IMG_6497 (591x800)

I’m happy too that they have found each other and that my lovely friend is making such a good recovery.


2 thoughts on “…………….. and now for a happy ending

  1. What a lovely article…and such a great attitude from Eiryl too. I love the Spare Part Tea Pot analogy, and it fits perfectly with Eiryl and Damian’s attitude to life 🙂 xx

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