National Eisteddfod 2014 – transitions

I’ve had the most amazing week helping Pete Bodenham put up the exhibition “Dan y Wyneb” (“Beneath the face”) at the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli. The exhibition has been influenced by and features the Reverend Towyn Jones.

Objects from Carmarthen Museum, Abergwili and others loaned by individuals have been paired with contemporary items

The philosophy behind the exhibition is that objects with a history have a power to tell the watcher their stories – “Objects contain absent people” (Julian Barnes)

IMG_6500 (800x707)

The Myddfai cauldron exudes healing power it has held for centuries sits next to the Eli / Ointment box conveying the healing power of art.

IMG_6517 (800x600)

Objects do not have to have the grand power of the cauldron as shown by Lyndon Davies’ collection of his great grandfather’s Red Cross medals.

IMG_6504 (800x604) Above the medals is a contemporary response to them by Katie Owen who tells her great aunt’s story of the river Tywi fog saving the town.

IMG_6510 (800x508) Hand crafted thumbsticks for members of the Senedd stand with a collection of old carved sticks.

IMG_6507 (800x517) The once common craft of broom making is celebrated with a vibrant collection of new brooms alongside a magnificent old besom from the museum.


The main room.

You may recognise All Washed Up’s collection of treasures reflecting the collection of Egyptian shards of Harold Jones.

IMG_6521 (800x600) Harold Jones’ collection, my collection, Carthen made by a postman!

IMG_6523 (800x600) The cauldron, the suits, the goose cart and sticks.

IMG_6524 (800x513) Photos old new – the Carmarthen Quins (John Beynon) and Poppit Sands Surf Life Savers.

IMG_6518 (621x800) Charms to ward off unwelcome visitors (contemporary figures by Simone Bizzell Browning).

Etruscan vases from the 19th and 21st centuries; Ray Church and Carmarthen Museum

IMG_6531 (542x800)

IMG_6525 (578x800) IMG_6526 (600x800)

Coleg Sir Gar’s iron furnace (?), keeping old industrial skills alive in Carmarthenshire.

Transitions not only in ideas, crafts, arts and histories but my own personal transition from “student” towards “artist”; I can almost say it now.

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