The joy of ceramics

For me the joy in creating ceramic pieces is the alchemy of the unexpected.

Designing a shape, yet giving the clay a say in how that shape progresses.

IMG_6588 (600x800)   IMG_6594 (800x600)

Following the clay up or stretching it out almost to bursting point,

IMG_6596 (800x600) letting it flow off centre to create movement.

Thinking of the feel of the piece, mixing materials to make a glaze, not really knowing exactly how it will look because even a few degrees difference in temperature can give a different result.

IMG_6604 (600x800) 

Balancing and unbalancing the materials so that the glaze creates its own patterns and forms.

IMG_6598 (713x800)

Ceramics are accessible; you can pick them up, touch them, place them where you want them

IMG_6603 (800x600)

The more you look, the more you see.

Although knowledge and testing of glazes allows you to gain more control of the end result may I never get to the point where I know exactly what the result will be. For then the magic will have gone and we all need a bit of magic.

These three pieces can now be seen at Oriel Bevan Jones, King Street, Carmarthen.

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