Studio pictures

Finally some proper posed studio shots! Thank you John Beynon.

You can find them all around Carmarthen. Take a walk up King Street (Carmarthen isn’t all chain stores and charity shps) there are new, vibrant and very different galleries and craft shops popping up all along the street.  When you’re in need of a cup of tea after all that viewing go to Dorothy Morris’ Greenspace Gallery (above Uncle Albert’s Drawers and the best Craft Shop in existence) for undoubtedly the finest tea and cake in Carmarthen.

373A0005-Edit          373A0008-Edit

373A0010-Edit         373A9997-Edit These four are all at Oriel Bevan Jones in King Street, a wonderful place to visit. It is part of Arts Care/ Gofal Celf a charitable organisation putting community groups and artists together. You’ll have a warmwelcome and the chance to see an ever changing gallery of work. All money earned in the gallery goes straight back into AC/GC to fund more projects.

These two, at the moment are all at Coleg Sir Gar, Job’s Well Road ….

373A0001-Edit “Mr Cool” will be going to the King Street gallery for their show highlighting the pick of the graduates from Coleg Sir Gar which opens at the beginning of December. The King Street gallery is an artist’s cooperative, staffed and run by the artist members, yet another good reason to visit King Street.

373A9996-Edit  Harbour pot is glad to be leaving the exhibition circuit and will be heading off to Aberystwyth to live with Danny and Amelia.

Lots of new ones coming very, very soon.

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