Unfolding / Datguddio


Very proud to be part of this exhibition at Nantgarw Chinaworks Museum.

A site with a relatively short but intriguing history which played an incredibly important role in the industrialisation of ceramics and the development of porcelain in the west.


Curated by Anne Gibbs and Lowri Davies, it places contemporary works by recent graduates from around the country in this beautiful historical setting.

photo 5

My own little treasures, some found at an old tip on the Tywi, some made in honour of them, were placed in the old bottle kiln in the museum grounds.

photo 1  IMG_5750 (691x850)

Having started their lives as treasured possessions only to eventually break or go out of fashion, they found themselves discarded. Now the pieces safe and once again honoured. In this lovely setting it seems like they have gone back home.

The exhibition at Nantgarw not only honours the past reminding us of our heritage but shows that this craft is also moving forward. As many colleges up and down the country close their ceramic departments, exhibitions such as this are needed to keep the attention on this fascinating and vital material.

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