Painting with flames

When making loads of things with deadlines and all the other stuff it’s easy to forget that you actually love what you’re doing. I was so lucky this weekend to have a very special old friend, Rachel Halpin to come and stay and make pots all weekend. Primitif clay, fires in a bonfire, Rachel’s never used clay before so we made loads of little pots, different techniques and just played and played. IMG_7063 (800x600) Spike, the Salt Pot + Spoon (R Halpin) IMG_7059 (600x800)  Vase (R Halpin)

IMG_7054 (800x600) Bowl, obelisk and bird (R Halpin)

IMG_7050 (800x600)

Family secrets (R Halpin)

IMG_7064 (800x600) IMG_7065 (800x600)

The Chain that Softly Binds (R Halpin)

Rachel’s piece of true inspiration, a ceramic chain; each link embellished with words which bind her family, this one “Dream”. The flames lick patterns of smoke around the pots, they usually know the right way to go. The company, the clay and the fire ground your body, free your spirit and open your mind. Thank you Rachel.

IMG_7068 (600x800) I made these.

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