Back to the mud

It’s so easy to lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing: pressures mean that you no longer see or do the things that inspired you in the first place. When that happens you’re no longer leaving a bit of yourself in what you’ve made.

Getting back to the “why” gives your work its soul back and if it does that then it follows that your soul is revived as well.

IMG_7100 (800x599)

Back to walking round my favourite haunts to gather materials to deepen and enhance the glazes.

IMG_7099 (800x773) (Sorry about the photos, must get a better camera) Looking at using found substances to replace bought chemicals in glaze recipes.

IMG_7097 (770x800) Materials in these glazes all found around where I live.

For me it’s the basic nature of the materials which is fascinating; what can they do, what can they show?

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