Just say yes!

Getting your work (your self) noticed often takes you places you didn’t think you’d go and some that even make you feel uncomfortable. As a child and teenager it was easy to dream of being discovered by a film producer and becoming a star of the “silver screen”. Nowadays I try and hide from cameras but when a group of film students from Aberystwyth got in touch about filming me and my work it seemed a great opportunity to get footage and some stills of the work. They are in their final year and wanted to make a documentary film about how an artist works. They found an interview with me on http://www.facebook.com/HumansofAberystwyth so got in touch.

Aber Human

Emily Jayne Roberts, Clara Reynolds and Holly Davis came to see me last week and I spent the whole day talking. A weird experience, as usually working at home the only coversation I have is with the radio.

pet bricks Inroducing Emily to my pet bricks.

They were a thoroughly professional crew, allowing me space and time to ramble on. It’s an interesting process talking about your work in relation to yourself. Lately the focus has been on the work in relation to the outside world; how other people see it, what’s going to sell. This day for me turned things around and I could see again where the work is coming from, re-engaging with it, because only when it has a bit of yourself in it does it truly work. They’re calling the film “Pot Luck”

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