Emerging from the mire

I’m now starting to understand why they call you an “emerging artist” after all the hoo ha of graduating.

It all happens in waves. When the first one comes along you have to ride until you feel like you’re drowning then you either ’emerge’, get submerged or simply get out of the water.

Mercifully my head seems to be back out of the water and I will not drown!

I work in waves too; make, make, make until the studio is so messy I can’t find anything. Then bisque fire, tidy up and prepare the glazing.

One glaze firing done.

IMG_7256 (600x800) IMG_7254 (664x800) IMG_7252 (600x800) IMG_7249 (800x600) IMG_7245 (800x600) IMG_7241 (566x800)

Big bisque firing about to emerge

IMG_7261 (568x800)

And when the clutter is cleared groupings and shapes start to emerge

IMG_7264 (800x420)

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