Let’s get the show on the road!


All lined up in their best bibs and tuckers to have their photographs taken by John Beynon.

lindynpots march 19929 (601x800) This Wash Jug and Bowl are on their way to Carmarthenshire County Museum to be part of a new exhibit of contemporary ceramics displayed on a Welsh dresser, designed and curated by Pete Bodenham and sponsored by the Contemporary Art Society of Wales..

Lots of pieces are lining up for my solo show at Oriel Bevan Jones. “Mud, glorious mud” will focus on the treasures, inspiration and materials that the estuary provides me with. Stories, objects, mud, rocks and plants form part of the pots and pieces in this show.

lindynpots march 19944 (800x567)  lindynpots march 19936 (800x601) lindynpots march 19935 (800x601)    lindynpots march 19928 (601x800)

Next stop will be Brighton, to Kay Aplin’s intriguing Ceramic House where she is hosting an Open House exhibition throughout May, have a look at – http://www.ceramichouse.co.uk

lindynpots march 19945 (800x601) lindynpots march 19938 (800x601) lindynpots march 19930 (601x800) lindynpots march 19926 (800x601)

The last stop on the journey will be Devon to take more to the Art Mill Galleries in Plymouth and Dartmouth.

lindynpots march 19931 (800x601) lindynpots march 19927 (601x800) lindynpots march 19934 (800x601)

And this is what the kitchen looks like –

IMG_7287 Polystyrene everywhere and every time you try and sweep it up it goes all magnetic and starts to stick to your clothes, the wall, the brush …..

Floor to ceiling packed up potsIMG_7288

If nobody buys them at least I’ll have a very well insulated house.

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