Lovely break from “got to do” work.

You see another artist’s images

2015-06-08 12.49.02 (640x800) 2015-06-08 12.49.19 (646x800)

and you want to make those shapes.

Luckily the printmaker, Alan Williams thinks this is a good idea and also wants to make prints of my pots.

So I made some

2015-06-07 15.40.31

And put them in a bonfire

2015-06-11 14.14.47 (800x600) 2015-06-11 14.42.42 (573x800)

and here they are

2014-10-26 23.01.59 (800x576)

2014-10-26 23.05.16 (800x481)

It’s fabulous clay to work with, so relaxing and meditative to use and you get to have a bonfire.

It has also led to a day working together in the gallery at Arts Care/Gofal Celf, Oriel Bevan Jones on Saturday June 27th from 11 – 4.

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