From workbench to kiln to plinth

Working on the shapes is steady, rhythmical and very satisfying.

Watching each piece grow, develop its character and story lines whilst listening to music and radio plays and sometimes watching Wimbledon out of the corner of your eye with the sun beating down on the studio and balcony, all is sheer joy, peace, love and happiness..

11401179_10204716126007822_1675430900611635084_n         Then it hits you, if they’re going to be ready in time, you’ve got to have a kiln full and they’ve got to go in soon, so the pace picks up a bit.

2015-07-16 04.07.00 (800x600)

In they go, down comes the lid, on with the switch and sit back and pray.

2015-07-18 00.16.11 (800x533) Out they come, all’s well, so it’s glaze time!

This part is for me the nervy bit. Using fairly random mixes can be leapingly joyful or possibly “oh dearie me!”. Particularly nervy this time as I thought that one of the glazes was mislabelled and I wanted to try a new technique but with no time to test it!

2015-07-21 07.51.29 (800x440) Luckily, it worked.

Some of the little darlings will now be heading to Hilary Coole’s studio in Llanfynydd for the Tywi Valley Open Studios event


2015-07-21 07.45.20 (564x800)     2015-07-21 08.01.25 (800x535)

2015-07-21 07.35.49 (641x800)  11393431_507274776086930_7401159872566189163_o

Lots and lots of very talented people all opening their studios and lives for you to see their work. Have a look on the website and find out what’s going on and where they all are

or have a look on Facebook

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