It’s that time of year again

Everyone using the C word. “Where are you going for C…?”, “What are you doing for C…?”and top of the list for many “What do you want for C…?”, “What are you getting for C…?”

Whether you love it or hate it it must be admitted that the commercialism surrounding it is over the top creating pressure to consume on an unsustainable level.

Yes, I’ll retreat into my cave, eat and drink too much becoming one with the sofa, venturing out occasionally to eat and drink too much in someone else’s cave. For it is a Solstice celebration, winter is passing, the light is returning.

Also a time for many to reflect on the lives of early refugees. The holy family are icons, nativity scenes are seen everywhere. To highlight the plight of today’s refugees my little bit, my drop in the ocean, is a shelf of bonfire fired jugs and jars and vases in Oriel Bevan Jones, Arts Care.

DSCF0418 (800x400)

It was an idea that took root when working on a project with Alan Williams the printmaker (his work on left of the picture) and got me thinking about what war victims around the world have to do in order to survive and what they experience along the way.

The clay in these pieces is born in fire; bits blow off, some are destroyed, others emerge from the flames in tact and with dignity and strength.

DSCF0417 (800x254)

As for money raised from the sale of the individual pieces, one third goes to Arts Care/ Gofal Celf, a charity providing arts project for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, the other two thirds will go to the International Rescue Committee ( )

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