No one prepares you for how tough a skin you have to develop when putting your work out to be viewed, critiqued, sold or rejected.

But it only takes a bit of appreciation to realise why you’re doing it.

Gloomy January just got better with three little rays of sunshine amid the murk!

2015-11-10 09.41.06-1 Firstly a visit from Pat who I’d met at ICF last year. She contacted me while holidaying in the area and went away with her little piece of Sea Foam.

Secondly the loveliest commission from Moira whose partner and sons had clubbed together to get her an “art token” to buy something from her favourite local artists.

2016-01-25 05.26.40 (600x585) So nice to be able to think of the person that you’re making the pot for, especially when she’s as joyful as Moira!

Lastly, a lovely email of appreciation from someone who’d bought a pot from Oriel Mimosa along with a picture of it in it’s new home.

James and Nicola Makes it extra worthwhile, thank you all!


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