Fairy stories

I’m not sure whether I’m entering a second childhood or possibly that I never truly left the first one. Most of the work I do is motivated by childhood traits; curiosity (what’s that over there?), naive investigation (I wonder what’ll happen if I do this to it?), invention (sticks for legs, shell eyes and seaweed hair) and imagination (now it’s a magic unicorn!).

Which ever is true my favourite place to go is now and always has been, the land of infinite possibility, the territory of the story and the country of wild imaginings. The fairy stories I grew up with didn’t always have happy endings; in them there was retribution, revenge, blood and intrigue. Alice in Wonderland made all things possible, even the moral guidance implicit in earlier tales was blown out of the water.

So I’m packing up these characters to display in Theatr Clwyd from the end of May until August with hopes for a happy ending.

Beauty  The Beast

Beauty and the Beast

lindy 04-16-004   lindy 04-16-011

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Adventurer, explorer and first class cad   373A9607 (675x1024)

Aladdin and the Widow Twanky

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