It’s been head down and make, make, make for months now and I’ve finally made and successfully fired enough for the moment.

Enough made and now enough time to consider what works and decide to make more of those. Not simply more of the same but better, testing glazes before the big bake off, keeping some for Hatfield, Oxford and Farnham.

2013-02-15 23.39.06 (758x800) Smalls with normal handles

and some with something a little different 2013-02-15 23.37.25 (496x800)

2013-02-15 23.08.11 (642x800) The same goes for the Bigs

2013-02-16 18.12.17 (652x800)

More Bone China

And lessons learnt from the great brown glazing disaster. Start all over again and analyze, read, study and test.

2013-02-15 22.31.19 (600x800) Bowls and platters as a canvas for the glazes

Cracking, creeping and crawling 2013-02-15 22.29.19 (600x800)

2013-02-15 22.27.45 (800x675)

Painting their own pictures.

Hatfield, “Art in Clay”, August 19th – 21st.

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 29th and 30th October,

Farnham, “Art in Clay”, 19th and 20th November,


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