1.- a flowing or flow.
2.- the flowing in of the tide.
3.- continuous change, passage, or movement
Looking at the way the flux (1) in glazes work and contemplating a flux (3) in life.
2016-01-03 23.02.32 (640x493)
The same glaze in different firings, different parts of the kiln.
Changes in work, more work, lots of work.

2016-01-03 23.06.12 (640x480) 2016-01-03 23.05.37 (640x480)

2016-01-03 23.04.43 (608x640)

Tons of work and more to come just in case I do move before all the ceramic fairs have finished.

Big stuff

2016-01-05 00.19.17 (480x640)

2016-01-04 20.25.53 (640x397)

Small stuff

2016-01-03 22.52.23 (640x405)
 Enough work done for Art in Clay at Hatfield (http://www.artinclay.co.uk/ )  now, more to make for CPA members show in Oxford and a lovely new gallery Staacks, on the Wirral,  http://www.staacks.co.uk/
2016-01-05 00.13.03 (640x480)

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