One fine autumn day the jugs noticed a lot of activity. A large roll of bubble wrap had just arrived and the Maker was doing a headless chicken impersonation.


Very soon they’d be going somewhere.

“I wonder where?” said Dorothy   2016-04-10-18-56-31

Jenny declared she thought it must be Oxford 2016-04-10-18-57-03

“I just found this” Postcard aw1_2016.indd

“We’d best get ready” 2016-04-10-18-59-08

“Best bib and tuckers on!”  2016-04-10-18-59-35

“Off we go!”


“Is anyone else coming with us?”

” The girls from number 23″ 2016-04-10-19-06-58

“And the Deputy Head”          2016-04-10-19-18-00

Poor Bronwen can’t go   2016-04-10-19-10-31

she had to make room for the Mother of them all, She who must obeyed – Delilah!


Also featuring REAL Bone China

2013-02-16 18.12.17 (652x800)






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