January 2nd – International Teapot Day

Every January 2nd in all parts of the world folks gather to celebrate the glory of the teapot, an International symbol of peace and harmony.

Here is our celebration

2011-05-25-21-06-55 Carol’s hopes for a better future are BIG cups of tea and pots which will have bejewelled handles, inspiring the user to dream of greater things to come.

2011-05-25-21-08-22 Judith’s creations reflect the flexibility and adaptability necessary to cope with uncertainty. Her lid is reversable and the magnificent spout capable of spreading tea, love and happiness over a very wide area.

2011-05-25-21-23-04 Catrin’s joyous creations bring smiles and jollity to the tea drinker; for who on earth could contemplate any sort of disagreement when gazing on these characterful pots.

2011-05-25-21-25-54 Sean’s collection as well as promoting peace and love throughout the world contains a tinge of ambition. Is he gearing up for the Great Pottery Throwdown 2025?

Remember folks ……………………………………………………

hat - Copy


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