Beach pots

IMG_1481 (900x764)

Kippering the clay allows it to create its own patterns and textures.

IMG_1161 (900x675)

The path of the flame in the Raku kiln paints the pot.


Close up of Raku fired surface, the colours of the mineral rich cliffs


Tea bowls, all incorporating clay and stone from the beach, sitting on a tray found there.

IMG_1501 (638x850)


Lid, spout, handle and saucer have all been found on walks along the shoreline.

IMG_0224 (900x675)

Glazed with Potash Feldspar. this piece sits amongst naturally occuring Feldspar.

IMG_5223 (850x546)

Sand and crushed sandstone added to the clay make this cup feel at home on the beach.

IMG_5216 (638x850)

Salt and iron oxide in the glaze and the kiln reflect the rocks along the shore.

IMG_5181 (830x850)

A day at the seaside

IMG_5187 (850x603)

IMG_6407 (655x850)

The Lifeguard looks on, ready to rescue.


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