Dysfunctional Families

For far too long tea sets have hidden in cupboards and listened politely to our stories of domestic dramas and family trivia. Now they are out; loud and proud, telling tales of their own lives; moments of glory as well as trials and tribulations.

_GSM9067 (800x530) Rebellious teens

_GSM9040 Celebrities

IMG_6488 (800x634) Fashion

“Theirs was the Elegance of a Bygone Age”

IMG_6482 (800x526)  Scenes from Literature “Please Sir, I want some more.”


Inventing the narrative of the discarded and elevating it to the status of legend

The witch hand of Wyrle  The Witch Hand of Wyrle

The weeping brick of Onllwyn The Weeping Brick of Onllwyn

The last dragon The Last Dragon

Emlyn and Llinos A Story Of Deceit

  DSCF0226 (950x690)

All in their Cabinet of Curiosities

Soap Operas

No object has heard more secrets or witnessed more dramas than the teacup. Here they get to play out their own.

113 (638x850)  “When the crying got too much, she simply had to shut herself away.”

095 (638x850)   “When mother was in this sort of a mood it was best to keep well out of the way”


098 (638x850)

“And you’ll stay down there until you decide to behave”


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